Invest In Your Future

By Investing In Yourself

Imagine having someone in your corner challenging the status quo to make sure that your overall financial plan is on track!

Not just your income, not just your potential for losses, not just your investments, not just your retirement, not just your taxes, not just your estate. . . but having someone who looks at ALL of them collectively. 

Want to understand how money really works?

Welcome to Solid Rock Financial Group

Customized Financial Planning & Investing

We believe that the government and financial institutions have failed the American people.  Mainstream media has inundated us all with misinformation that is destroying our financial futures. With that said, the only thing we require is that we have the same understanding of How Money Really Works with everyone that we work with.  After we’ve established that, we are dedicated to listening to you! Who’s on your financial team? What’s  your current financial situation? What are your needs? What’s your idea of retirement?  What are your goals?  …Then we help you create a customized plan to make it all happen.


Plug The Leaks

What if you found out that you’re losing money year over year that you don’t have to?  How risky is it to stop losing money in ways that are unnecessary?  We do this with everyone that we work with!


IRS Friendship

If you found out that you’re going to pay $250k in extra taxes in your lifetime, when would you want to know about it? Tax efficiency is foundational to what we do and why we do it.  


Financial Principles

We want your money to grow in ways that allow you to actually spend it. Many plans ignore How Money Really Works by focusing on financial illusions while we focus on Financial Principles.


Your Personal CFO

We see ourselves as your “Go-To” expert to help assure that your Overall Financial House is in order…  And not just now, but for generations to come, if that’s truly your desire.

One Size Fits One

Create a Strategy That Works For YOU

Imagine having the confidence of knowing that your financial professional not only has the knowledge you’re seeking but is willing to fight for you, your cause and your goals!

Off IRS radar screen

Say what?!  This means that our clients have money that will never be taxed again, which is unlike money that’s in a 401k or similar.

Loyal Clients

We believe that our ability to have continued success is directly related to our bold perspective on How Money Really Works.  We’re NOT afraid to go against the grain and fight for what’s best for our clients.

Dedicated Professionals 

We are driven by our WHY…  And that’s made clear when it comes to who is on our team.  We carefully align ourselves with people who put people first.

How We Work.

Our Mission

Educate people about how their money really works.

Limit wealth lost to fees, taxes and market volatility.

Help people keep more of their hard-earned wealth so they can spend and enjoy it throughout their lifetime.

“Fan”ancial Services

We want to mutually be true fans of the people that we work with!

Here’s some resources that we put together so you can take your Financial Future to the next level!

Go here to check out the latest and greatest financial tools and resources that we’ve created for you.

The financial world can be overwhelming… If you want to cut through the clutter, check out our content here.

Feel free to pick a time to brainstorm some ideas for you.  We genuinely love talking about this stuff and would enjoy hearing about what you have cookin.

Avoid extra taxes & fees

Let Us Help You Take Your Money To New Heights

We believe that avoiding unnecessary losses can create unimaginable wealth.  Not only in the short-term, by increasing monthly cash flow… But also in the long-term by allowing your money to grow uninterrupted!


Financial Principles

Our experience tells us that we need to confirm that you understand How Money Really Works… Otherwise, you won’t understand how or why your new plan is going to work.


Reverse Engineering

We believe that in order to create a plan that will actually succeed, we first need to understand what we’re working with. Who’s on your team, your current needs, your goals, etc.



Every plan we create is customized based on you, your team! …Yet is founded on unwaivering Financial Principles that shape A plan that is setup for success!


Your Personal CFO

We see ourselves as your personal CFO. Your “Go-To” expert to help assure that you’re Financial House is in order! No more of the all-too common left hand not talking to the right! Your Personal CFO.


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